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First Biosim to Humira Finally Launches after Six Year Wait

The day has finally arrived.

The day when a biosimilar to Humira finally hits the market.

A total of 40 biosimilars have been approved since 2015, yet many were held up from marketing approval because of patent battles.  Amgen’s Amjevita was the fourth biosimilar ever approved but the first biosimilar to Humira in 2016.

Since then a total of eight….. yes 8….. Humira biosimilars have been approved. And why not? 

Humira has billions of $$$s of worldwide sales and even a one-eighth share would be a blockbuster for any of Humira’s offspring.

What is perhaps most curious is the way Amjevita is being launched. 

It will be available at two….. yes 2…..price points. 

You can buy Amjevita at a 5% discount to Humira….. or, you can buy adalimumab-atto at a 55% discount. To save you running the numbers, that translates into a price of $6,575 for Amjevita or $3100 for the non-branded product. No small difference!

Analysts are strongly suggesting that branded Amjevita will be the bigger seller. 


In a word….. REBATES. Yes, PBMs are already pushing the more expensive, branded option so that scads of rebate dollars can be generated….. many of which may land in the coffers of the PBMs. What that means to patients (especially those with deductibles and coinsurance) appears to be irrelevant.

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