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It’s a matter of principle

Our Values

Improving the experience

The Anton Health Story

The challenges with delivering quality and affordable healthcare can overwhelm anyone. Over a sixth of the U.S. economy is spent annually on healthcare – and helping the industry maximize those investments is why we exist.

At Anton Health, we prefer doing over talking, showing over explaining. We are humble, but direct in our approach. Our results have won numerous accolades from clients, and we are truly proud of it. But the work is never complete.

We recognize our responsibility, so we’ll keep on challenging ourselves and the healthcare industry. We are working with key stakeholders to improve patient outcomes, and their access to innovative medications. It’s not only a public interest, but also a bit selfish.  Improving healthcare is essential to our families too.

"We didn't create the ad board.
we have reimagined the experience."

Jim Larweth – Anton Health

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