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Specialty Pharmacy Leader Board for 2023

There were no big surprises in the recently published list of the Top 15 specialty pharmacies nationally. That is if you only look at the ranking order and are not looking at revenues….. which continue to grow and grow generating about $242 billion in overall sales in 2023.

Here is the recently published list…….

Top 15 specialty pharmacies by 2023 revenue

Key takeaways—–

  • Two in five accredited specialty pharmacies are owned by hospitals and other healthcare providers
  • The nation’s three biggest pharmacy benefit managers accounted for 67% of specialty pharmacy revenue in 2023. 
  • Hospitals and health systems are the fastest-growing participants in this market, partly because of drugmakers’ restrictions regarding the 340B program, the report said. 
  • This year’s list included “Other retail, mail, long-term care and specialty pharmacies” as a group that  garnered over $37 billion of the total ~$242 billion or about 15%.

1. CVS Specialty (CVS Health) — $73.3 billion

2. Accredo/Freedom Fertility (Cigna/Evernorth/Express Scripts) — $59.5 billion

3. Other retail, mail, long-term care and specialty pharmacies — $37.4 billion

4. Optum Specialty Pharmacy (UnitedHealthGroup/OptumRx) — $32.3 billion

5. AllianceRx Walgreens Pharmacy/Walgreens stores — $8.4 billion

6. CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy (Humana) — $6.2 billion

7. Onco360 Pharmacy/CareMed Specialty Pharmacy (BrightSpring Health Services) — $4.6 billion

8. PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy — $3.6 billion

9. Walmart Specialty Pharmacy/Walmart stores — $3.4 billion

10. Kroger Specialty Pharmacy/Kroger stores — $3.2 billion

11. Acaria Health (Centene) — $2.9 billion

12. Biologics/RxCrossroads (McKesson) — $2.2 billion

13. SenderraRx — $2 billion

14. AHF Pharmacy (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) — $1.9 billion

15. Lumicera Health Services (Navitus Health Solutions) — $1.5 billion

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