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Breaking: Anton Health Acquires Specialty Pharmacy Solutions (SRx)

Anton Health is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of the assets of Specialty Pharmacy Solutions (SRx), a strategic planning, marketing, and operations consulting organization exclusively focused on the Specialty Pharmacy segment.

Since its founding in 2018, Anton Health has become one of the healthcare industry’s most respected consulting organizations, offering highly tailored support services to pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking to develop strategically sound marketing strategies.

Anton Health’s Executive Vice President, Jim Larweth, said “The acquisition of Specialty Pharmacy Solutions not only allows Anton Health to greatly expand its service offerings to our pharmaceutical manufacturer clients, but also supports our partnership expansion with Health Plans and Specialty Pharmacies.”

Increasing demand for specialty drugs to treat complex or serious chronic conditions, and how to pay for them, has become a central concern for both pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as payers.

Since 2005, Specialty Pharmacy Solutions has published an online journal, the SRx Client Alerts. Over that period, SRx has published more than 3,000 Alerts covering virtually every significant development in the Specialty Pharmacy industry, offering its subscribers expert insight into the significance of each development. Going forward, the SRx Client Alerts will be rebranded as the Anton Rx Report.

“I’m excited to join the team at Anton Health, and to continue writing content for the expanding Anton Rx Report”, said SRx President Bill “Sully” Sullivan. “We plan to bring even greater value to the thousands of managed care industry professionals that we reach on a weekly basis by not only sharing breaking news, but adding actionable insights.”

About Anton Health
Anton Health was designed specifically to help pharmaceutical manufacturers navigate the evolving payer landscape. Whether gaining expert insights via the Anton Health Network™, or accessing real-time market intelligence via their RapidApp™, Anton Health works closely with clients to formulate contracting strategies, gain feedback on pre-launch product positioning, and monitor the competitive landscape for improved profitability.

About Specialty Pharmacy Solutions (SRx)
SRx provides expert consulting support to the Specialty Pharmacy industry. Over the past eighteen years, SRx has counted virtually all of the top fifty specialty pharmacies as clients. Working with pharmaceutical manufacturers, SRx has been involved with the launch of more than twenty specialty therapies to the marketplace. It has also designed and launched specialty pharmacy networks for national payer organizations and PBMs.

For more information contact:
Jim Larweth
Anton Health


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