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ABC Shares the abcs on Biosimilar Trend

Earlier this week we sent a Report on biosimilar utilization and trends. Today we follow up with some stats from another credible source that add a few new insights.

AmerisourceBergen Corp (ABC) recently published results from a survey of payers related to treatment of biosimilars within their coverage policies. The findings are worth considering for future planning.

Top line highlights—

Organization types: 51 payors / advisors representing 300 million covered lives

(about 90% of the U.S. population)

  • 55% health plans
  • 24% integrated delivery networks, and
  • 22% pharmacy benefit managers
  • 45% said their organization would allow multiple biosimilars
  • 35% said they would select a single preferred biosimilar and
  • 4% said they would prefer the reference product.
  • 16% selected ‘Other’ (hmmmmm??)
  • 96% and 82% of respondents, respectively, said that lower price and contracting arrangements (legal speak for rebates) continue to drive preference for a reference product.
  • 88% of respondents said that interchangeability will inevitably force the shift to greater biosimilar adoption.


What’s Driving Biosimilar Decision Making? AmerisourceBergen Payor Survey Has Some Answers

Biosimilar competition is heating up, with eight biosimilars to adalimumab (Humira, AbbVie) already launched in 2023 and more on the horizon. Other reference products also have anywhere from two to five biosimilar competitors. With this intense level of competition, payors are more likely to select multiple biosimilars for the same product, rather than a single biosimilar or the reference product only, according to a survey from AmerisourceBergen…..

CLICK HERE to read the full article

by Gina Shaw, Pharmacy Continuum


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